Research Area

Establishing the link between architecture, environmental psychology and accounting.

With 20 years experience designing casino environments, and international experience designing security facilities, James Murray's future-focused research gives unique insight into how architecture impacts behaviour and consequent financial accounting.

Research Interests

  • Architecture, environmental psychology and AI.

  • Decision making and accountability.

  • Biometric technology, ethical positioning and AI-generated design.

  • Future-focused research drawing on Actor-Network Theory and Protocol Analysis.

  • Generative-design using structural equation modelling.

Membership of Research and Professional Organisations

​Royal Institute of British Architects (member) 1998 - present

Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (member) 1998 - 2019

American Institute of Architects (Assoc. member) 1997 - 2003


Human Resource Management Review (In press August 2022)

An artificial intelligence algorithmic approach to ethical decision-making in human resource management processes.

Waymond Rodgers, James M. Murray, Abraham Stefanidis, William Y. Degbey, Shlomo Y. Tarba

China Management Accounting Review Vol.11 No.1-2020

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms implemented for Ethical Issues

in Management Accounting.

Waymond Rogers, Salem Al Fayi, Hussen Al-Refiay, James M. Murray