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As the only registered architect globally having completed a PhD in accounting
(December 2022 PhD research defence successful, awaiting confirmation of
Doctorate), James Murray’s research has provided new insights in design value,
establishing the link between architecture, environmental psychology and accounting.

With international experience designing security, educational, and civic facilities,
and an extensive track record designing and delivering leisure environments,
James’ decision-making and future-focused approach delivers investment in design.


Areas of Expertise:

Design value, Decision making and Accounting for design decisions.

Environmental psychology, Biometric technology and Ethical positioning.

Decision analysis using Structural Equation Modelling.

Membership of Professional Organisations:

1998 - present                   Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects

                                            Former RIBA political pairing representative to Associate                                                                Parliamentary Committee on Architecture and Planning.

1998 - 2019                       Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland

1997 - 2003                       Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects


2022  Human Resource Management Review – Research paper published (in press) in internationally ranked peer-reviewed Journal: Human Resource Management Review. This Journal is in the top 1% in the science branch of Social Sciences (180th out of 20,139 Social Sciences journals), and the top 2% in the discipline of Economics (70th out of 4,230 Economics journals).

An artificial intelligence algorithmic approach to ethical decision-making in human resource management processes. Waymond Rodgers, James M. Murray, Abraham Stefanidis, William Y. Degbey, Shlomo Y. Tarba

2023  Working Paper - focused on agility in architectural decision-making, for submission to international theory development journal.

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