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2022  Human Resource Management Review (Volume 33, Issue 1) – Research paper published (in press) in internationally ranked peer-reviewed Journal: Human Resource Management Review is ranked globally in the top 1% in the science branch of Social Sciences (180th out of 20,139 Social Sciences journals), and the top 2% in the discipline of Economics (70th out of 4,230 Economics journals).

An artificial intelligence algorithmic approach to ethical decision-making in human resource management processes. Waymond Rodgers, James M. Murray, Abraham Stefanidis, William Y. Degbey, Shlomo Y. Tarba

2023  I have a paper focused on generative AI and agility in decision-making by architects, under review by an AJG 4* journal:

Are decision -making generative AI algorithmic pathways drivers for agility? Waymond Rodgers, James M. Murray, (June 2023)

2020  Interdisciplinary focused AI paper published in Mandarin-only: China Management Accounting Review Vol. 11 No.1-2020.


Artificial Intelligence Algorithms imlplemented for Ethical Issues in Managemeent Accounting. Waymond Rodgers, Salem Al Fayi, Hussen Al-Refiay, James M. Murray.


Rough Development of Deep Neural Network Design Algorithms:


3* Published Research Paper: Development of Deep Neural Network | A.I. Design Decision Dashboard:


Development of Deep Neural Network | Structural Equation Modelling:

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